Brief introduction of orthopedic specialty in Hongkong

Who is an orthopedic specialist (abbreviated as an orthopedic surgeon)?
There are currently about 400 orthopaedic specialists in Hong Kong, in which half are private practitioners.
An orthopaedic surgeon must undergo at least 12 years of professional education and training, and pass rigorous assessment to be eligible to register as an orthopaedic specialist. Continuous education and ongoing trainings are required to the highest quality services.

What is the scope of treatments?
From skeletals and joints dysfunction or cracking, to tearing of muscles, ligaments and tendons . Many of the above patients can be treated with drugs, physical therapies and related therapies. However, a small number of patients may require surgery.

What to expect?
Doctors may propose more in-depth examination during the consultations, such as X-ray, blood test, computer scan, or even magnetic resonance (MRI). Communicating with the doctor is a must to come up with the most suitable treatment. .
If you are not feeling well, you should seek medical attention immediately without delay. Our orthopaedic surgeons will try their very best to help the patient, understand the cause and make professional judgments to come up with the most suitable treatment.