Serving With Charity , Benefiting The Society

Alliance Medical Group is a medical service team of professional medical staff. Our group is committed to serving the public with a number of spacious and well-equipped medical centers throughout the territories, providing one-stop medical service. In addition to the professional specialist consultation service, other services such as Digital Radiology, Magnetic Resonauce Imaging(MRI), Bone Densitometry(Dexa), Vaccination and other Health Screening Program will be including in our development plan.

With our motto “Serving With Charity, Benefit The Society”, we strive to establish more high quality specialist clinics in different territories, providing more convenient, efficient and comprehensive medical services. Our specialists serve the public with many years’ extensive clinical experience and a heart of charity. We are convinced that through systematic operation and well-planned development, our group can bring together even more excellent medical experts for serving the community.

Mr. Chu Oi Fung, Dennis – CEO