To deal with knee athletic injury

In general, knee sports injuries can be divided into acute and chronic (slung).

For example, in football, basketball and other strenuous exercise, the more common acute sports injuries include internal and external ligament tear, cruciate ligament tear, meniscus cartilage tear or cartilage trauma, and the affected area will immediately appear redness, pain, joint instability and other symptoms. .

As for strained trauma, it is generally caused by improper posture, excessive exertion or excessive exercise, which leads to chronic soft tissue strain. Common strain locations include tendons, knee cartilage, meniscus cartilage, etc., the affected area may not be red and swollen, but after exercise, the degree of discomfort or pain will gradually increase.

It is worth mentioning that many patients will try to relieve the pain by different methods, but if the acute sports trauma is improperly handled (such as delaying the treatment of anterior cruciate ligament tear), the chance of early joint deterioration will increase. In the long run, strained sports injuries can increase strain, keeping the pain sustained, having the opportunity to cause severe inflammation, and increasing the chance of knee degeneration. Therefore, if the knee joint is painful or swollen after exercise and lasts for more than 3 to 4 days, seek medical attention immediately and stop exercising to avoid further injuries.
In order to confirm the location and severity of the knee joint injury, patients generally need to undergo X-ray and MRI. If the injury is mild, conservative treatment can be taken, including oral medication, injectable drugs and physical therapy. If the injury is serious, surgery may be needed to repair or clean up the damaged tissues and area.

Before any exercise, stretching exercise of at least 20 minutes is needed to reduce the chance of injury. At the same time, we have to take things slow. It is necessary to gradually train and increase the intensity of exercise in order to achieve the best result without injuries.