Injections for Knee degeneration

The cause of knee arthritis is caused by friction and strain between the joints, which in turn causes symptoms such as pain, stiffness, and even swelling. The natural lubricant (hyaluronic acid HA) in the synovial fluid of the joints also becomes thin and loses lubrication. And protection features.

Today’s orthopaedic specialists help patients with “”bone needles””, which is a commonly used hyaluronic acid joint fluid supplement in medicine. These is an effective supplement and promotes the joints to produce normal synovial fluid and remove harmful free radicals (Free Radical), repairing cartilage tissue, reducing inflammation and pain, and improving mobility.

Bone needle (hyaluronic acid joint fluid supplement) Q & A:

Q: Can we have many needles as they are steroid?

A: Sodium hyaluronate contains natural glucosamine polymers and contains no preservatives or hazardous chemicals. Thus it is very safe to use!

Q: Which patients need this injection?

A: When patients with knee arthritis have tried to exercise, physitherapy and anti-inflammatory painkillers, and those are not effective, then please check with your doctor!

Q: How long is the treatment? What is the cost?

A: The specialist will arrange the appropriate course of treatment in response to the patient’s condition. In general, the cost of the entire treatment is not high.

If you have any further questions, please check with your doctor for specific treatments.